Interactive Presentation of Time-Dependent Data on Maps in the Web & Mobile

This software enables the visualization and animation of time-dependent georeferenced data on maps using a visual appealing presentation. It is applicable as a web-application and as an app on smartphones and tablets. Selecting the spatial clipping of the earth’s surface is done intuitively by camera-navigation. At higher zoom-levels, data can be visualized with increasing detail and only visible data needs to be transferred from server to client.

Our capable renderer can master large quantities of data, stream data dynamically and animate millions of independent objects in real-time. Technically, it is based on OpenGL ES and WebGL respectively. An application of this software is our own app „AdaptVis Weather", which has been used to generate the screenshots given here. Another example (fuel-prize visualization) is shown below.

A multitude of different visualization-techniques is available and all of them can be used at the same time. Weather-data or climate-data stored in the GRIB-format can be imported directly. However, we are pleased to help integrating other georeferenced data and additional visualization-techniques, if desired.

Whether live-display of a multitude of distinct vehicles or countless world-wide distributed sensors – do not hesitate to ask for it!

Spatial-Temporal Fuel-Prize Visualization in the Web

Gas-stations position their prizes often depending on other gas-stations nearby. In the event of one gas-station lowering its prizes, others in the vicinity will most likely do so as well. This behavior results in spatial propagation of prize-waves. The same effect often takes place multiple times a day.

If a gas-company wants to analyze these prize-building-mechanisms for a large spatial region graphically, some challenges occur. Especially, values cannot be aggregated spatially since the key information – two-way influencing of adjacent fuel-stations – would be lost. This is further complicated by potentially small distances between gas-stations and their varying spatial density.

The images to the left show how an adapted visualization by our software can overcome these problems. There, points within shapes mark locations of gas-stations and colors represent their prices. If a temporal animation is applied, shapes are kept and their colors change. In this example, correlations in prize-development of all German gas-stations (about 15.000) can be analyzed in detail.

Cloud-based interactive 3D visualizations in the Web

This software brings interactive 3d visualization & animation to the web without any plugin – on any device and without any loading time. Especially without any dependency on the amount of data or complexity of the scene. As a result, you can explore a large and complex architecture scene immediately in a very high quality. This is only possible because a live stream composed of images computed in the cloud gets transferred to the client instead of the entire scene. Just have a look by walking inside the building on the left-hand side! (Movement: W,A,S,D - camera rotation: mouse drag)

Moreover: If you would like to present sensitive data of your clients or partners without giving away the raw-data – that’s no problem with our approach. Your data is kept safely on the server while a direct access is not possible.

In addition to the visualization of architecture or sensitive data there are a lot more use-cases for cloudbased web-visualizations:

  • Big-Data
  • Product configuration (e.g. cars)
  • Games with a very large world
  • Visualizations for smartphones & tablets
  • Volume data (as the size of the volume gets really large)
  • Product Visualization (machines, parts, furniture …)
Feel free to contact us to see your data presented in the web. If you are already using a visualization tool we are pleased to discuss possible extensions with our technology.

Click here to get a larger view on the scene

Community-based adaptive Visualization

  • Platform to develop adaptive applications
    • Different display sizes
    • Level of detail
    • User requirements (even those unknown to the vendor)
    • ...
  • Supports supremely customizable visualizations
  • Minimal development effort via user generated content
  • AdaptVis Weather as own pilot project


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